Welcome to my website! Unfortunately, it is currently being revamped, but here is some information  about me that might help you find what you're looking for!

I'm a filmmaker based in Montreal, Canada; I have been directing short films since the age of 16 and my work has successfully toured the international festival circuit. You can stream most of my work on the Quirk Films website:

I have a fondness for the often misunderstood horror genre, but really I love good storytelling and films that steer off the beaten path. I am currently in post-production of my first feature film, which will be released later this year:

I have obtained an M.A. degree in Media Studies from Concordia University; my thesis project, the documentary series Bloody Breasts: Women, Feminism, and Horror Films which can be watched HERE. When I'm not busy behind the camera, I love to further research my favorite topics, which include Horror Film Studies, Gender and the Media, as well as the Representation of Sexuality in Film. I'm currently working on getting a first publication and I sometimes lecture and give conferences on the topic of Women and Horror Films.

I Tweet, but I'm most active on Facebook.

All my recent news are on my Blog and my Tumblr is where I post and share things I like or find inspiring.

I'm also on Instagram and here's my IMDB.

I hope you found everything you were looking for! Of course you can also contact me directly, but please note I won't accept any unsolicited screenplays.

Nice to virtually meet you, enjoy and come back soon!